Traits of Truth

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Traits of Truth

Traits of Truth: Proving The Book of Mormon

By: Tony Decker

About the Book

The Book of Mormon has been called the fifth Gospel, but it is more than that, bridging the gap between the Old and New Testaments, between Judaism and Christianity. It is the hidden Record of Israelite prophets and kings, who crossed oceans and came with their people to the Western Hemisphere nearly 600 years before Christ.

                Can The Book of Mormon be proven to be an ancient Christian scripture of the Americas? This book attests that it can.

                TRAITS OF TRUTH: Proving The Book of Mormon is a sampling of the many internal, external, and spiritual evidences, newly organized under the superlative qualities of holy Scripture. It is preceded by another book – Why I Believe the Book of Mormon (And Why Anybody Can). A journey in facts and feelings, Traits of Truth will elevate the thoughtful reader to a higher plane of understanding and testimony.


About the Author

Tony Decker has been a student and teacher of the Scriptures for many years, bringing to this work a depth of study and experience, combined with a conversant style, that makes it both instructive and inspirational.

                Tony is a retired educator living in Riverton, Utah, with his wife of 43 years and other second and third generation posterity. He now has more time for his hobbies, which include reading, thinking, writing, playing guitar, singing, recording, and gardening.


(2019, Paperback, 146 pages)

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