The Transplant

The Transplant
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The Transplant
by Charles Patrick

The author has always had an interest in adventure stories. While confined to his home two years ago with an illness, he received inspiration from a movie called That Man Bolt about a black international courier who was well dressed and had a secured briefcase attached to his wrist. The author imagined a smart rugged city detective coming into an unexpected inheritance a continent away.

About the Author:

The author was born in Georgia. He spent his early years on a farm with his grandparents, until his mother remarried and brought him to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He was raised with a younger brother and sister. At the end of high school he joined the Marine Corp Reserves. Seeing an opportunity to get technical schooling, he transferred to the U.S. Army Air Defense School in Bliss, Texas.

Upon graduation, Patrick was sent overseas to Mannheim, Germany, to fill a weapons fire control spot. After two years he returned to the States and settled in New Jersey.

In his civilian life, Patrick worked for a few defense contractors. He married and has a son and daughter. He retired in 2000 after working 29 years for Smith Industrial International. In 2003 he lost his wife. Patrick still promotes his home-based small business.

(2016, Paperback, 34 pages)


The Transplant (e-book)
The Transplant (e-book)

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