Transubstantiation: Miracle or Myth

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Transubstantiation: Miracle or Myth

In Transubstantiation: Miracle or Myth

By: T. L. Faulkner


About the Book

In Transubstantiation: Miracle or Myth, you will see formulation of this belief (doctrine) and the theology of it through the years. Is there any basis for this in Scripture that they used in support of this belief? Is it correct or is it twisted to prove their doctrine, as other religions do?


About the Author

T. L. Faulkner was raised in upstate New York and was brought up with in the Roman Catholic Church. It wasn’t until his aunt and uncle took him to a church where the Bible was believed and expounded upon that the invitation was given to receive Christ as Savior. In a few short years, he accepted Christ as his Savior. He has been reading and studying the Bible since, and thanks the Lord Jesus for salvation and being set free from the uncertainty and bondage from a false religion.


(2020, Paperback, 72 Pages)


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