Travels With Mary...Mary and Me - eBook

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Travels With Mary...Mary and Me - eBook

Travels With Mary…Mary and Me

By: V. L. French

About the Book

Two very young women, barely out of their teens with three daughters each, divorced, never having enough money, partaking of food stamps, living in the slums of suburban Pittsburgh: what could possibly go wrong? Find out in this uplifting, funny, and at times, frightening, tale about two young women very determined to survive and succeed.

                This book is, for the most part, many funny stories lovingly stitched together to make a warm quilt of laughter with only a few tears and fears. It is an attempt to tell the tale of two very young women trying to make their lives and the lives of their six daughters better while living in cruel poverty. Their wits helped to pull them through. Their sense of humor helped to sustain them. It tells the reason why they were forced into this life of coping with food stamps, less than adequate vehicles, and never enough money in their struggle to survive and succeed. But it has many moments of hilarity too.

               The hope is that this book will illustrate that one never has to settle for what may seem like an unfortunate destiny. You needn’t be stuck in a seemingly hopeless situation if you are determined to change that path and make your life better.

                The story continues with how their paths go in very different directions later.


About the Author

V. L. French is a retired real estate broker living in California. She travels extensively, but she has never forgotten the people and places from her past. She hopes to share some of her many experiences in this hilarious book, but also to inspire those who think their situations are hopeless.


(2018, eBook)