Trials and Turbulence

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Trials and Turbulence
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Trials and Turbulence
by Lottie Cellini-Corley

Trials and Turbulence is the authors memoir revolving around her childhood experiences. A child of neglect, psychological and sexual abuse, she was resilient enough to hold it together for years. With the grace of God watching over her, Lotties mind and body recovered time after time. It all could have been a lot worse. Finally, Lottie revealed to her mother what had been going on for years. This was almost too much for her mother to bear. Yet after all of this, her mother brought the abuser back into their lives. This was a constant strain on Lotties young psyche. But the surprise twist at the end reveals something that could have changed her life forever.

About the Author

Born in California, Lottie was raised in Florida. She now lives in North Carolina with her husband. Lottie spent the first twenty years of her working career in the technology field. After training in the evenings she became an emergency medical technician. Now retired, Lottie spends her time writing everything from poetry to songs. Her interests outside of writing include: God, playing golf, collecting Beatles memorabilia and parapsychology. An avid animal lover, she spends most of her time rescuing everything from dogs to opossums.

(2012, paperback, 38 pages)