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by Werner Lossau

Triangles deals with an international situation aimed at doubling the price of gold overnight at the cost of a million lives.

Crossing mainland China, the Caribbean, and North America to unearth the conspiracy that will enrich the ten most powerful people on the planet, the CEO of the South African Gold Syndicate finds unexpected help from his son and his son's girlfriend.

Apart from revealing facts about global finance and its machinations, Triangles is a modern love story that will appeal to mature as well as young readers of both sexes.

About the Author

Born in Germany, Werner Lossau has traveled the world in pursuit of knowledge and girls (not necessarily in that order). Having obtained both a commercial and technical education, he is as comfortable in a boardroom as he is on an oilrig.

He now resides in South Africa in a small village overlooking a large lake. There he is spending his golden years writing, sailing, and in pursuit of knowledge (not necessarily in that order).

(2010, paperback, 238 pages)