Tristan and the Diamond

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Tristan and the Diamond

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Tristan and the Diamond
by Michael A. Malchiodi

In Tristan and the Diamond, a child learns the true meaning of Thanksgiving. His grandfather tells him a story about a Wise Turkey who rewards children for good deeds. To see if he deserves a reward, Tristan must hide a potato inside a snowman. On Thanksgiving Day, he is amazed to find a diamond where he hid the potato. The next day he receives a letter from the Wise Turkey explaining the meaning and spirit of Thanksgiving and why he received a diamond. At that moment, Tristan begins to identify and appreciate his many blessings, especially his loving family and friends.

About the Author

A native of Chicago, Illinois, Michael A. Malchiodi is a retired naval aviator who served his country for twenty-eight years. He chose education as a second career, teaching and managing financial aid programs at universities in southern California for fifteen years before settling in Lake Havasu City, Arizona.

Michael credits his childhood Thanksgiving Day memories of family baseball games, food, and laughter as the foundation of his value system. His passion was to create a story that would help teach children to understand the meaning of Thanksgiving. Acting out the story scenario with his grandson will always be one of the most memorable blessings in Grandpa Mickeys life.

(2010, paperback, 42 pages)