Trump Has Blown IT!

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Trump Has Blown IT!

Trump Has Blown IT!

By: Maurice Hise


About the Book

Why does the Earth cry? Why doesn’t the Earth want to smile? It is because of all the violence in the world today. There must be a better way. The Earth is full of doom and gloom; we need sunshine to brighten up our lives. Let’s learn to increase the peace for the next generations to come and make a happy world for them to live in. We must all deal with society; the world is in our hands. We need a president who can bring the world together, who does not see color, who knows how to properly handle a global pandemic. There is a greater virus looming, the injustice of human beings. The entire world is suffering; Trump has blown it. We must come together and elect a person ready and willing to make positive changes.


About the Author

Maurice Hise resides in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and is fifty-three. God has called to him to enact change and self-improvement. He has been writing for over twenty-five years and hopes to bring joy into people’s lives. Primarily, his previous works have centered around relationships of love between a man and a woman, the good, the bad, and the ugly. He has also written children’s books on how to build a solid foundation in education as well as spiritual books about the kingdom of God and adventure books. His first book, Elshaddai el Casa, took nine years for him to write and it tells the story of what happens when we leave this earth.


(2021, Paperback, 108 Pages)


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