Truth to Origin

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Truth to Origin

Truth to Origin

By: Gregg K. Jann

About the Book

Truth to Origin is a suggested state and federal constitution amendment. Truth to Origin’s Amendment can be used as a verbal copyright at state level to credit ownership and provide more economic rights in teaching peace to children, advocating non-discrimination in health and relationship status of each of us, and victim’s restitution.

                The need for the three articles is from a source perspective designer person used in our economy who has been targeted for piracy of intellectual property. Personal targeting as in commercial use, since a 1960s youth leads the reader to wonder if poison came into play.

                Religious persecution may be other’s ignorance as the author did not take his own Catholic priest’s statement’s ambition seriously as he is churched well in Protestantism. The author is not adding to hate and suspicion in getting to religious affiliation of who stole his IP using unknown vows and monopoly.


About the Author

Gregg K. Jann is a “beautiful” person who regularly has religious victory adding morals to legal history and he is successful in history making. The author was trying to uncover a cover-up which stole intellectual property from an honest man. The author has never been jailed or hospitalized or even charged and was asked by a highway patrolman if he wanted a pardon over a fact-finding letter he sent to the National Institute of Health.

                Jann’s advocating spirit is Reconciling Methodist as part of a whole congregation adding rights for LGBT people who are Christians, negotiation of union labor rights inclusive for MH consumers at one of his employers, and creating non-violence foundations policy as an elected official at a school district. Gregg is an [uncertain chaste] heterosexual, abstinent still when at 39 1/2 years old. With a life leading understanding, the Pablum of the October 2017 North Bay Fire Strike media and the borderline of total blackened destruction at the school district boundaries where he served election spurred his book.


(2019, Paperback, 108 pages)

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    Truth to Origin Breath Taking About Religion with Reconciling Methodist Founding

    Posted by The Honorable Book Reviewer on Nov 25th 2019

    Using the back drop of a wide spread fires overtaking the North Bay in Fall of 2017, the author tries to place elements of religious conspiracy as the only matching disaster in size to his senses. Author Gregg Jann sees evidence near where he stayed during evacuations of his Santa Rosa, CA town ( and then a second time as recently as one month ago in October 2019), with his Chico State University business school college town in rival to Seattle and Microsoft in the Butte County fires of last year in Fall 2018 that would do well in a lawyers costume - or would it disqualify those lawyers for a conflict of interest in taking payments to not represent local and bicoastal computer- and general Intellectual property stolen from its source and not representing due to money paid.
    Gregg Jann is a hero as we have read in 4 non-fiction books at Rose Dog - keeping to himself interpersonally to own his legends as he walks the talk of Mental health advocacy and takes turns in public service. He writes to own, and we see people steal every thing he says and does because he is source like AIDS name as in A JANN PLAN. Government never recognized him for genesis design of the tax ballot initiative of the Mental health services act which Gregg Jann's work raised billions of dollars, and the church doesn't recognize him either for this very essay's headline in this Truth to Origin book of lots of new people in church with Gregg Jann's new theology adding people to Protestant Christianity. Early in book keeping in stride writes in a place since talking to people in a lob pitch baseball place as a youth. Gregg then told his mother a few years later the very track.
    Truth to Origin writes passionate, about philosophy and sources, with a new theology used currently to count people in, and the starts and parts mostly are not part of the reward in capitalism if we don't change to make things more honest and fair to a very precious segment.