Twenty-Six Job Hunting Tips & Explanations

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Twenty-Six Job Hunting Tips & Explanations

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Twenty-Six Job Hunting Tips & Explanations
by George Fewquay

George Fewquay, the author of this self-help guide, has a combined public and private industry experience of ten years in the area of job interviewing for potential entry-level or experienced employees, job training recruitment, job development, and placement supervision of the recruitment staff, placement staff, and conducted follow-up interviews. The author has also been on the opposite side of the fence with respect to applying for many types of jobs as part of his work experience.

He has interviewed and hired employees for professional positions. He has been a job coach, developed jobs, and placed over 500 entry-level applicants into jobs. He has had a 90% job retention rate of applicants during an eighteen-month period with an above-average hourly wage. In addition, he has worked as a job training recruiter, job training placement specialist, job training recruitment and placement supervisor, and job training and placement manager.

Finally, the author had previously held a teachers certificate in vocational job placement from the State of Missouri, Department of Education Office of Secondary, Post Secondary and Adult Education from 1999 to 2004.

You can contact the author by sending all correspondence to:
Youth and Children Services, Inc.
9855 Cargo Rd.M
Box 45085
St. Louis, MI 63145
Or by calling (877) 388-8235

(2011, paperback, 34 pages)