Twice the Yottabytes

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Twice the Yottabytes

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Twice the Yottabytes
by Charles Maul

A missing prototype supercomputer, a missing genius who developed it, and a race against time to solve the mystery are faced by an entire industry, the academia, the police force and, quite possibly, mankind.

In Twice the Yottabytes, Detective Dan Brandon sets out to confront a mystery involving a kidnappingone that could very well end up being just a childish prank, a stolen lucrative nanotechnology that could reproduce most food, or a series of murders in the wake of the disappearances.

Everything is hanging in the balance. The fate of a once-bright future depends on Detective Brandon. Will it ever be bright again?

About the Author

Chuck Maul earned his bachelors degree in psychology and sociology at Eastern New Mexico University and masters degree at University of Toledo with a major in vocational education. A retired teacher and counselor, Chuck wrote his book to encourage the youth to explore the world of science and technology and engineering for the betterment of society.

(2010, paperback, 32 pages)