Two Years in Outer Galaxy

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Two Years in Outer Galaxy

Two Years in Outer Galaxy

By: Tegegne Wassie


About the Book

Destiny is not what you can make or change: there are natural conditions beyond your challenge. A man unintentionally stepped on a wrong spot to find himself in a new city, in a new land, in a new world called “Biqat” in an outer galaxy.

Fortunately, the world he ended up in was very civilized and had advanced technology. He was welcomed, treated well, and cured of his terminal illnesses that he could not find a cure for on Earth. He continued to travel the rest of Biqat, a nation of five big planets. From there, the man explored beyond Biqat.

Let us share his exciting experiences. Knowledge is a collection of experiences. Naturally, we have acquired knowledge from collected experiences over time. We find knowledge conditioned and kept in human cages, while raw knowledge is in the open, free in the wild outside human cages. It has been said that you are what you feed.

Books are one of the enhancers of experiences and we read them to enhance our experiences and we write books to share our experiences. Different experiences give spaces for evaluation and judgments to experiences we accumulate. The more we are exposed to different experiences, the more critial we are. We don’t take things as they are, at face value. This book touches almost every individual’s life in our society.


(2020, Paperback, 504 Pages)


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