Under the Gum Trees

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Under the Gum Trees
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Under the Gum Trees
by Janice Ingram

The book started off as a healing process. The more I listen and learn from my brothers and sisters about how miserable and unhappy everyone was; it all seems to go back to our childhood. This book doesn't even come close to the terror and the slaps and the whipping that went on. It seems every time we talk (which is not often) we can't get over it.

I am very proud of myself for being able to write this book. I don't want to hurt anyone. The book is true; I tried to think of good things, but there wasn't any. This book covers my ages between five and seventeen.

About the Author

I try to cope with everyday life, but it's not easy. I try to be Christian about everything, the only book I ever read is the Holy Bible, but the devil takes over and ruins everything for me. But I still fight him everyday. I have the same demons that J.C. had, but I fight mine.

Now I'm writing a second book telling on myself and my fourteen years in a bad marriage.

But now I have eight grandchildren. I live in Indianapolis and I'm buying my own house. I try every day to be the best I can be.

(2012, paperback, 324 pages)