Underneath My Appearance

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Underneath My Appearance
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Underneath My Appearance

by Reanna Huestis

This book shares the true story of the authors life and how, no matter how many times she was told leave the past behind, she could not do so. Instead she took to pen and paper the way life was according to her own memories of it.

The events that occurred in Ms. Huestis life shaped who she is today and gave birth to poems that speak of her internal struggle on a daily basis to appear normal to the outside world while torn apart by her mixed emotions on the inside.

This collection of poetry by Ms. Huestis makes you really think hard about the many issues we face every day and will make you realize that we can survive most anything that life throws at us.

About the Author

Reanna May Huestis is a trueborn and bred Vermonter. She has acted in a number of community plays and volunteered at a local Family Center several years ago. She continues to write poetry and create artwork true to her very own artistic vision.

(2013, paperback, 134 pages)