Understanding Cinnamon

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Understanding Cinnamon

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Understanding Cinnamon
by Shelley Eckberg

I just wanted to try to impress Tucker. Spying on an elderly woman seemed harmless enough. Most of the kids in our tiny town of Cedar Ridge, Pennsylvania, heard Miss Nora might be a witch, so I was determined and curious enough to find out if this were true. Then an unexplained dog entered my life and plunged me into a strange connection with Miss Nora that intrigued, slightly frightened, yet showed me that so many of the mysterious events in our lives need to be rememberedand believed.

About the Author

I currently live in Osceola Mills, Pennsylvania, and this is my first published book. The elderly have so much to say, so much from which we can learn. I listen to their novels and hear the yearnings for days gone by. I remember their stories, encircle their visions. For some it could all be forgotten tomorrow.

(2010, paperback, 38 pages)