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By: Paul Shoffeitt

About the Book

Unforeseen tells the story of Jake Sims, a gifted young man who distinguishes himself musically, athletically and academically. Jake finds success in all three of his passions and, as a result, lives a life that plunges him into the throes of a major international conflict as well as a strong romance. This is a timely book, in that the international intrigue that Jake encounters centers on North Korea and the effort to contain its potential for aggression.


                An engaging story about romance and international intrigue, Unforeseen takes the reader on a journey spanning the globe and embracing high adventure, both romantic and international conflict. Unforeseen is a gripping account of life, love and global intrigue.


About the Author

Paul Shoffeitt pursued a career in healthcare administration, founding and serving as the Chief Executive Officer of healthcare related organizations. He now enjoys a quiet life on his Maryland farm. A consummate storyteller, this is Shoffeitt’s first published novel.


(2018, Paperback, 186 pages)

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