Unholy Saints

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Unholy Saints

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Unholy Saints
by Rhod Marcus

This is a novel about abuse, through which this author has personally lived, embellished with touches of fantasy and fictional storylines.

The setting is a small, quiet, unpretentious community nestled in the countryside of rural Wisconsin. The citizens of Palmer Heights are protected by a three-man bumbling police force who soon find themselves rubbing elbows with the many fictional charactersall of whom become intertwined in the ongoing human abuse, crime, cults, and financial global manipulations. The unique characters converse page after page with unending dialogue resulting in the aftermath of abuse.

This is a story of abuse in many realistic situations. The reader of this novel will relate to similar characteristics of their own helpless abuse.

About the Author

The author is a native of Pennsylvania and grew up in the small village of Sewickley. She attended high school in Neville Island, a three-mile-long island situated on the Ohio River. The author attended Robert Morris Jr. College and holds an associates degree in business.

The author then relocated to Chicago and eventually settles in Wisconsin, where she established a successful confection manufacturing company for fifteen years. The author is now retired, residing with her husband in the scenic countryside of Viroqua, Wisconsin. This is where her writing began.

The author enjoys world travel, biking, hiking, walking, snow-shoeing, cross-country skiing, and watercolor painting.

(2011, paperback, 300 pages)