Union Vs. Company Vol 1. - Livin' LaVida Local

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Union Vs. Company Vol 1. - Livin' LaVida Local
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Union Vs. Company Vol 1. - Livin' LaVida Local
by Perel L. Blakely

Union Vs. Company Vol - 1 Livin' LaVida Local is the first novel by author Perel L. Blakely. It is a fast-paced thrilling tale of love, lust, trust and deceit. It is an eye-opening front row seat to some of the seedier dealings that go on between the Unions and the companies they negotiate contracts with something most people never get to see or hear about. Union Vs. Company keeps you guessing who is playing for which team. With every turn of the page, Perel keeps you glued to the story, adding twists and turns at every corner. Buckle up, as this story is filled with heavy romance, backstabbing and murder. Since this story is based on actual events, it is sure to keep your attention through the entire book. -Enjoy!

About the Author: Perel L. Blakely served his Union Shop Steward for the Local Teamsters Union in Pittsburgh for many years before becoming a writer. While working for a local beverage company in Pittsburgh, he fought the company on everything from petty grievances, firings that led to arbitration hearings and even negotiating contracts between the Union and the beverage company. Through this experience he gained insider knowledge that most employees never get. He had to deal with corruption from not only the company, but his own union officials as well.

This book is Perels way of exposing some of the dirtier tactics that the company and the unions used to get contracts pushed through. This is his attempt to shed some light as to what has happened to the strong unions of the old days and exposing them for what they have become today: a greedy corporation, just like the companies they pretend to protect you from.

(2015, Paperback, 138 pages)