Unlocking Life's TREASURES

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Unlocking Life's TREASURES
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Unlocking Lifes Treasures
by Eathan Weiland

The human race is rapidly approaching a milestone in our evolution. Were all on the threshold of a major leap forward! Doctors and scientists estimate that the average human being uses only about 10% of the full potential of his or her brain. However, as time passes and we continue to evolve as a species, we also continue to utilize more and more of our cognitive potential. This book explores, explains, and teaches the key elements of one of the most exciting aspects of this condition; the almost unbelievable power of the human mind to affect and change our physical surroundings, as well as the events and circumstances of our lives! This is accomplished through the conscious and deliberate use of one of the most powerful, yet still lesser known laws of nature: the Law of Attraction.

The Law of Attraction has been used by the most famous and successful people throughout human history to achieve their levels of greatness! YOU also have the ability to use the Law of Attraction to create the life that youve always wanted for yourself. Its a natural part of the human condition!

The author of this book has mastered the use of the Law of Attraction, and will teach you to do the same, through a logical, effective, and successful step by step process which includes his new, important, and powerful understandings, insights, and techniques!

(2013, Paperback, 82 pages)