Uno's Missing Bone

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Uno's Missing Bone
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Uno's Missing Bone
by Papa Bean

Unos Missing Bone is designed to inspire young children to learn diversity and teamwork, as well as good manners and social skills. It is written to be easy and enjoyable for parents and children to read together.

Uno has lost his favorite bone and needs YOUR help to find it! Join Uno and his friends Bumper the bunny and Robbie the robin as they search for their friends missing bone. Can you help them find it?

About the Author:

Papa Bean was born in a little town in Montana named Butte. He has spent most of his life in the neighboring city of Missoula. He left for a while to serve in the U.S. army. Once his contract was fulfilled, he returned home and met an amazing woman who is now his wife.

Papa Bean wrote this book for his wifes grandchildren, who he loves very much. He hopes that you and your children or grandchildren enjoy reading this story as much as he enjoyed writing and illustrating it.

(2014, Paperback, 28 pages)