Vahudrick (I): The Blood Gift

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Vahudrick (I): The Blood Gift

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Vahudrick (I): The Blood Gift
by C.N. Cheeks

Carina Powers has had a difficult life dealing with bullies and weight issues. She failed to find purpose for her life. In the process of changing that, she had no idea the man of her dreams, Kopono Majealo (Ma ha a low) the owner of the 24 hour gym she attends, would finally find her and change their destiny forever. At the moment their relationship reached the highest level of total intimacy, Kopono reveals that he is a Ruler of the Underworld, he is a Vampire. With the acceptance of her new love comes great responsibility.

From their blood bond, strange changes begin to happen. Little did either of them know that Carina had a secret of her own, a secret hidden from her by her own family. Carina and Koponos lives begin to change and as they become one of the most important creations the Underworld has ever seen they grow together in their relationship as well. As Carina is introduced to the Underworld of Myths and Legends, she is introduced to the more profound truth about the World and its hidden treasures. Take the journey with us as we follow this romantic, action packed, drama as Carina and Kopono search for their purpose.

About the Author

C. N. Cheeks was born in Aurora Colorado, but lived most of her young life in Germany while her father served in the Air Force. She and her sister did their parts in the current wars we are facing and provided care for children whose parents fought for our country. She now resides in Maryland. C. N. Cheeks became medically disabled in 2004. C. N Cheeks is single but still looking for that man worthy of her and has no children. She is a strong advocate of Do unto others as you would want them to do unto you. Her inspiration for writing is life itself, and a longing to have the abilities to change things and help others. In her novels she includes allot of life lessons, and she tries to inspire awareness through entertainment. She prides herself on showing women how to have courage and strength by her characters being examples. One thing that C. N. Cheeks has learned in life, is that we all have a purpose, a reason for existing. C. N. Cheeks, gives allot of thanks to her three role models, her mom, her grandmother, and her sister. She has a lot of strong women in her family to draw her inspiration and strength from.

A message from the author,
Always have faith in a higher power, and never give up on your dreams or settle for less then what youre worth. No matter what we are going through, we all have a duty to do our part to make sure that the future is safe for everyone.

Although tomorrow is not promised we have a duty to love everyone each and everyday. Those going through pain, sorrow and just plain down on your luck I suggest that you trust in a higher power and keep strong in your faith. The creator wont care what you call him. He just wants you to believe and trust in his word. My creator has guided me all the way in giving my readers this series and I can never thank him enough Just because something is different does not mean we should fear it or ridicule it.

Be blessed.
C. N. Cheeks

(2011, paperback, 442 pages)