Vale and Zeta Playing with Shapes

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Vale and Zeta Playing with Shapes

Vale and Zeta Playing with Shapes

By: Valerie Fotso

About the Book

Vale and Zeta Playing with Shapes is geared for children. The book describes and illustrates kangaroo characters playing with shapes. It demonstrates the structures of the shapes and how the areas of these shapes are calculated mathematically.

                This book is filled with demonstrations, illustrations, humorous story lines, and practical things we do in our everyday life. Individuals of all ages will enjoy reading this book.

                It is filled with images to aid in the narrative. Numbers and shapes are used for deriving trigonometry functions and results.


About the Author

Valerie Fotso writes children’s books for all ages. She is an educational specialist professional substitute who has found an interest in writing children’s books. The material in Vale and Zeta Playing with Shapes covers trigonometry and math that enrich readers to science inclination at an early age. Fotso is happily married and has twin boys. She lives in the Midwest with her family and enjoys the four seasons. She enjoys outdoor games as well. Her background of studies is engineering and she has fallen in love with graphic arts design.


(2018, Paperback, 80 pages)

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