Valley of Passion & Pain: Part 2

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Valley of Passion & Pain: Part 2
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Valley of Passion & Pain: Part 2
by Homer J. Smith

Peggy was very upset when she found out that her mother had slept with most of the men in town. But after hearing her mothers reason, Peggy began to understand how much she and her mother were alike.

Ralph is on the run and Peggy has sympathy for him. She lets Ralph stay in her home, but Ralph refuses to follow the rules. He keeps slipping into Peggys bedroom while she is asleep and having his way with her, not knowing that Peggy is hiding another lover in her home.

Betty finds out that her husband Tim is sleeping with every female in her family. She files for divorce asking for everything and promises Tim if she doesnt get everything, she will kill him.

Tim then promises Betty if she doesnt settle for half, she will get nothing and he will destroy her family by telling everything he knows about her sister, father and mother. Betty asks, What are you talking about? Tim says thats what she should be asking her sister, father and mother.

About the Author:

Homer J. Smith lives in Illinois. This is his second novel. He has stopped traveling since his wife passed and spends most of his time with family and friends when hes not writing.

(2016, Paperback, 240 pages)