Value Added / 14 National Labor Forces

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Value Added / 14 National Labor Forces
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Value Added / 14 National Labor Forces
by Annette Meyer

An individual cannot be replaced by a clone, a robot, or other "intelligent" automaton. As a human resource contributing to national output, the multi-dimensional nature of the contributions is not evident in the accounting estimates. Value Added / 14 National Labor Forces examines the interactions of persons as workers within their national boundaries. The amount and quality of their performance depends on both personal factors-such as health and wage income-and social aspects-such as labor market conditions and available retirement plans.

The complex logistics of production within and across nations emphasizes the prominence of external circumstances in decision-making. Multinational corporations, off shoring, new consumer markets, natural resources, food supply, sanitation facilities, internet communications, and growth possibilities are among the tactical strategies to be resolved. In the end, the sum of value added of the individuals at work in each nation is inevitably linked to the global and national government context in which the actual production and financial decisions take place.

About the Author

Value Added / 14 National Labor Forces is the outcome of investigations into the basic elements that define the health and wealth of nations. As a member of the labor force, and then, as a teacher and observer of its foundations in the broader scope of global economics, Annette Meyer earned the title of Professor Emeritus at the College of New Jersey. Research projects for the New York City Board of Higher Education and the national banking industry, teaching at Hunter College of CUNY, founder and president to a New Jersey economic association, and member of the board of an honorary student economic organization, are among the credentials of Professor Meyer.

Among the works of the author are Recovery S.U.S.T.A.I.N.E.D., Prototype for a National Macroeconomic Model in Action, From Demand to Supply and Back Again, and Economic Freedom and Choice.

(2012, paperback, 222 pages)
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