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by Jacques Floyd

B-Money is the leader of the South Side Bloods in Durham, North Carolina. Hes also a major player in Durham's drug trade and was working directly for the Mexican drug lord Alfredo Dela Garza, head of the notorious Dela Garza Cartel. Everything was good between them until B-Money caught Dela Garza's son having an affair with his mother and his fiance. Then B-Money killed Dela Garzas son.

In retribution, Dela Garza has B-Money and several of his family members murdered, including several of B-Money's children. Dela Garza is assisted by Mo-Mo, B-Money's second in command, who was no longer satisfied with being number two. D.E.A. agent Taraji "Tara" Henderson discovers that two of B-Money's children survived the shooting and places them in protective custody. After learning that the children can identify the shooters, Tara tries to protect them and, in doing so, becomes a target of the Dela Garza Cartel herself.

Due to Dela Garza's infiltration of the D.E.A., Tara soon finds she is running out of both time and places to run as the hunters after her and the children begin to close in on them. So she sets out to reach the one person she knows who is strong enough to go up against Dela Garza. The question is, will he?

Carlos Santiago is a professional assassin and drug lord living on a private compound deep within the jungles of San Salvador. Once deeply in love with Tara, Santiago was also later betrayed by her. Will he help her now, or will he leave her to suffer and become the latest victim of Dela Garza's wrath?

About the Author

Jacques Floyd is from Durham, North Carolina, and has served more than 20 years in state and federal prisons on charges ranging from common law robbery to bank robbery.

He was a high-ranking member of the Rollin' Sixty Crips in Durham before his incarceration.

After wrestling with going back and forth to prison, drug addiction, and other plagues of the streets, he decided to try his hand at writing, knowing that he had several stories to tell.

He is currently in federal prison but he is scheduled to be released before the publication of this novel. He plans to reside with his wife of 10 years, Sue, and their son, Melchizedek.

(2010, paperback, 140 pages)