Victim Blinded: A Love Story Gone Bad

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Victim Blinded: A Love Story Gone Bad
by Zaunepps Simmons

Victim Blinded is an intense tale of intrique, lust, and people who are not always what they appear to be.

Kaya, the main character, is a well-known established writer who has just finished her third novel and is awaiting the marriage of her longtime mate, Nate. As she anticipates walking down the aisle to become Mrs. Nathaniel Jordan, unbeknown to her, certain circumstances leading up to the special occasion leave Kaya completely devastated when she comes home to find the house empty of all of Nates belongings. As she spirals into a deep, dark stupor, trying to deal with this heartbreak, she finds herself going through a series of unexpected encounters, forcing her to come to grips with the unfortunate reality of who her friends truly are.

Giving up on love for her seems to be a lot harder than accepting it back into her life when a mysterious stranger shows up at her doorstep, which draws a world of suspicion as to whom the strange man really is.

About the Author

Born August 12, 1975, a Leo and native of California, Zaunepps grew up in a small town called Stockton with a steady admiration to become a writer. She had always been an avid fan of reading and writing poetry and short stories, which led her to the creation of Victim Blinded, the first installment of a three-part trilogy, where she began her journey as a novelist.

Zaunepps says, Although it has been quite a hard and challenging road, there is nothing else in this life I could possibly see myself doing other than writing, whether its novels, poetry, or songs, because its my one true love, what truly moves me. Ive gained so much throughout this journey and am so excited of whats more to come from it. What Id like to leave with anyone out there is to never, no matter what, give up on your dreams because they are in arms reach, as long as you extend outward to them.

(2008, paperback, 222 pages)