Virginity: A Treasure

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Virginity: A Treasure
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Virginity: A Treasure
by Ayotamuno Augusta

In the book Virginity: A Treasure the author expresses years of strongly held conviction and opinion that it is possible to remain a virgin before marriage for both males and females in the 21st century. She is fully persuaded that, notwithstanding the level of immorality being celebrated in the media and several ICT websites, a lot of our young people who may have drifted away from the path of moral rectitude may still retrace their steps after going through this book.

Throughout the text, the author notes that the Bible is Gods manual for our everyday living. The author compares examples of biblical characters that had moral and godly lifestyles, the consequences of either curses or blessings and the ultimate rewards.

The author shares from her own wealth of experiences. She got married at the age of 25 as a virgin. She explains some of the factors that enabled her to live a godly lifestyle having grown up in a Christian home with lovely parents who led by example. She was taught early in life and in church what sin is and at school sex education. In addition to all the above there was the determination to marry as a virgin and by Gods grace it happened.

About the Author

The author, Augusta Ayotamuno is a Lecturer at the Rivers State Polytechnic, Bori, Nigeria. She is passionate about youths living a godly life and more especially the girl child. This passion is evident in her work with Women in Technical Education and Employment (WITED), an affiliate of the Commonwealth Association of Polytechnics in Africa (CAPA). WITED is geared towards bringing out the best in moral and social education in the girl child. The author is also involved with Nigerian Fellowship of Evangelical Students (NIFES) an affiliate of International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (IFES) where she counsels and teaches topics such as relationship, sexuality, singleness and marriage in camp meetings and conferences.

The author is happily married to Professor Josiah M. Ayotamuno. The marriage is blessed with two lovely sons, Isaac and Christopher.

(2012, paperback, 48 pages)