Voices in the Wind

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Voices in the Wind
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Voices in the Wind
by M. K. Hupp

Voices in the Wind is about an extraordinary woman and a mysterious case. Gordon DeVini, the recently promoted Riverville country prosecutor, and his wife decide to celebrate by taking a vacation to Jamaica. Unfortunately, the couple's house burns down while they are away. Reports claim that the house was struck by lightning. But the couple are neither seen nor heard from again.

Amanda's father is among the detectives who have tried to crack the DeVini case. Unfortunately, he fails to solve it and dies in the line of duty. According to Amanda's mother, Amanda's father was murdered. Sadly, like the DeVini case, the death of her father remains unsolved.

In spite of the odds, all hope in solving the DeVini case is not lost; the key to cracking it lies within Amanda. As a full-fledged woman she will land a job as a detective. With her ability and the help she would never have imagined she would receive, she goes on a fantastic and incredible journey to ultimately solve the mysteries that have plagued her family.

Voices in the Wind may appeal to readers seeking tales with elements of mystery, crime, and the supernatural.

About the Author

Now residing in the beautiful countryside of central Ohio with her black lab, Happy, M.K. Hupp was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio.

After a near-fatal accident at the age of eight, M.K. began to hear and see images from the other side. Over the years she learned to distinguish the good from the evil ones, which she captures in Voices in the Wind.

(2013, paperback, 100 pages)