Voices of the Puerto Rican Middle Class in America

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Voices of the Puerto Rican Middle Class in America
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Voices of the Puerto Rican Middle Class in America
by Joseph R. Roman

Readers of this book will feel as comfortable as Joseph R. Roman does in a middle class life. This book is important to middle class Puerto Ricans throughout the country in particular, those retired middle class Puerto Ricans living in Floridas I/4 Corridor. The 2010 census said there are 675,000 Puerto Ricans who are strictly middle class.

When he was 18, Mr. Roman was able to advance his life through a stint in the U.S. Navy and a college education. While in the Navy, Mr. Roman visited 80 countries, which was an education in itself. Mr. Roman then realized how lucky he was to be born and raised in the United States.

Mr. Roman lost his parents at an early age and learned hard discipline in a Catholic institution. He worked in midtown Manhattan for 37 years, bought a home in the suburbs, and lived the typical middle class life. By leading a suburban middle class life, Mr. Roman was able to gage the typical middle class Puerto Rican life and its success.

This book is one of the few of its kind. It is a short history of the Puerto Rican diaspora in America. Its a different story from the negative ones the media continually reports on. This story is significant because it focuses on the part of the Puerto Rican community that is not reported on in the media the Puerto Rican middle class.

(2016, Paperback, 162 pages)