Volume I - eBook

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Volume I - eBook

Volume I

By: Francine Olivier Wilson

About the Book

Francine Olivier Wilson thanks you for exploring her book of poems, art, and thoughts! She is a new writer and looks forward to sharing her work with you. She recently took a short four-class course in poetry; it was technical and informational as any beginner class on poetry should be. The most helpful and most resounding note she took was to write about what she knew.

Wilson writes about dysfunction from various perspectives: including limericks to playfully lighten the mood; describing the journey of a mother through life; depicting the phenomenon of the broken family; and employing an old genre of Japanese collaborative poetry. 

Poetry can soothe the soul and take the reader to almost any state of mind or emotion.  The author believes that poetry, in any form, can unite as well as isolate. In this materialistic world of ours, all its past and present issues, the palate of topic becomes limitless. 

At the root of most society’s issues, Wilson believes, lies mental illness in its many forms. It is the basis for most of the stories in any media today.  She believes that we should all do our part to support and research charities of our choice to help those who cannot help themselves. How, you may ask? She says, “a word, an image, a connection.”


About the Author

Francine Olivier Wilson was born the third youngest of nine children in a small town in Quebec, Canada. Her family immigrated to the United States to find work when she was two years old. She grew up speaking French at home and English at school. Her original Marion ancestor, her mother’s family, literally cut down trees to create a road/homestead and also traded lye soap for furs and supplies with the Indian tribe on the St. Lawrence River. It is that family, the Marion side, which has always had creative talent.

Living in Massachusetts for the majority of her life, Wilson is currently living with her husband in Florida. They share the birds, the beaches, and the topical plants and flowers with their two-year-old pug named Annie.

Wilson has spent many years teaching herself to paint and recently started to write poetry, blogs, and short stories. Creating verse or paintings is a sort of meditative experience. Depicting experiences, opinions, or a place to create a literary connection to others: Surely there can be nothing more rewarding!

(2018, eBook)