Voyage of the Wiffenpoof

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ISBN: 978-0-8059-8930-4
Voyage of the Wiffenpoof
by Claude Paul Hoffman This book is a fast-moving adventure story of a man being chased by the Specter in answer to his fathers plea to come to his aid. A sea journey ensues, and Warren Quigley Peas is involved with the various personalities aboard the Wiffenpoof. Sailing the Horn brings all closer on their way to California and the Gold Fields. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Claude Paul Hoffman, a former technical illustrator who recently finished his first adventure novel, is retired and lives with his wife, who encourages him to write. Hoffman says, I worked as an illustrator for forty-five years. This is why the cover was no problem for me. Writing the story of the Wiffenpoof, however, became a real task. The first three chapters were fluent. The following chapters were difficult but enjoyable. The characters came to my rescue. They seemed to speak to me from their captive places and supplied me with the ammunition I needed to proceed and finish. I dont have a college degree in journalism, but Ive seen enough movies to aquatint myself with storytelling. I wish everyone who reads this will enjoy it as much as I have drawing the characters, their bios, and the story itself. Enjoy. (2007, paperback, 88 pages) Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.