A Walk Between Time

A Walk Between Time
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A Walk Between Time
by Antwan E. Westry

Ever look back on your life to see how far you’ve come? Ever wonder how you got to this point from that point? Does your mind sometimes travel back in time wondering what you could change to get another outcome for today? If you have, you are not alone.

In A Walk Between Time, author Antwan E. Westry takes readers on a journey from past to future catapulting them to the next level and enlightening their minds. As readers continue to evolve through evolution, they will read and see how the individual goes from a baby to greatness, step by step and day by day, all by transforming the brain into an explosive force. Antwan gives readers the opportunity to develop a new perspective based on thoughts. He describes how to tap into the internal limits all while providing personal examples on how to change the world.

Don’t blank; just think of how awesome this experience is going to be as you take food for thought from A Walk Between Time. Readers are in for an experience they’ve never had before because A Walk Between Time is like a rushing wind that overtakes you by force, an experience that Antwan has had throughout this journey. He has faced many challenges and obstacles but was always determined to get through and keep going. This perseverance was an experience that allowed him to write this amazing story. Readers will see what sets him apart from other authors as they dissect their way through chapter after chapter.

So step on board this amazing journey as the author Antwan E. Westry takes readers of all kind on A Walk Between Time.

(2017, Paperback, 50 pages)


A Walk Between Time (e-book)
A Walk Between Time (e-book)

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