Walk the Seasons with Mercy

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Walk the Seasons with Mercy
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Walk the Seasons with Mercy
by Ulana Bochan

Ulana M. Bochan's current book, Walk the Seasons With Mercy, is an extension of her philosophy of life, dealing with the universal values of faith, humility, compassion and unconditional love.

Prompted by interaction with students in a Mercy School, Ulana adopted a mission-driven philosophy of mercy and love. Ulana shares the positivism that can naturally evolve from incorporating these values. Her innovative, inspirational approach highlights a needed perspective for daily living. Adhering to a merciful way of life, with a reliance on God, can promote a spiritual self-sufficiency that can withstand the glaring, screaming, daily headlines of injustice while, at the same time, initiating a more loving approach towards others. Skillfully composed with interspersed seasonal photographs to match these universal values, the book's content is interwoven with original poetry, reflective thought, and meditative prayer.

This book can become a worthy companion for channeling positive energy towards engendering a spiritual awakening to the goodness of life in all its forms.

About the Author

For this author, Ulana M. Bochan, life has been not only a physical journey, but also, a spiritual one.

Born in the Ukraine, Ulana, with her parents, fled their homeland during the atrocities of World War II. Her family first found refuge in Germany and then in the U.S.A. Arriving on American soil in 1949, Ulana and her family faced many challenges but received many blessings from this land of freedom. Ulana was able to freely pursue an education, culminating in a B.A. in English and a MAT in teaching. Recently, she retired after teaching for thirty-three years and is now concentrating on re-defining her life's experiences through writing.

Ulana's first published book, Living With Catherine McAuley, traces a journey of life's promises as an individual and as an educator. Her interests and hobbies revolve around simplifying the complexity of life by appreciating the gift of life in its present form, despite its ensuing imperfections.

(2013, Paperback, 140 pages)