Walk Through

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Walk Through

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Walk Through
by M. E. Rowe

Nothing disturbs a small western New York town like a murder. When a woman is found floating in an Erie Canal lock, movie rental store owner and hyposomniac Rebekah Socrates has no idea shes related to the victim. But after her Canadian half-brother, an inheritance, and ex-pat Tamils show up, Rebekah is suddenly knee-deep in people from over the border and neck-deep in complicated relationships.

Sleeping little offers Rebekah Socrates time to work two jobs and watch every movie ever made. But when the body of her fathers wife is found floating in the Erie Canal lock of her hometown, Rebekah is yanked from routine into intrigue.

Rebekah, wanting to prove her half-brother innocent of the crime, joins forces with an inconveniently attractive reporter, and together they uncover the double life of the dead woman. Following leads from New York to Toronto, from yacht yards to Chinatown, from gambling houses to seedy bars, Rebekahs small-town sensibilities are rattled by the dark undercurrents of the city.

About the Author

Living near the scene of the crime, former psychiatric nurse and freelance features writer M.E. Rowe is an avid movie and mystery fan. Originally from the Boston area, she moved to western New York to attend both the University of Rochester and Syracuse University. She lives with her husband of many years, and the couple has one grown daughter. A frequent traveler, the author has always enjoyed her visits to Canada.

(2011, paperback, 278 pages)