Walk Toward The Light: Surviving a New Age Cult

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Walk Toward The Light: Surviving a New Age Cult

Walk Toward The Light: Surviving a New Age Cult

By: Miriam Penman


About the Book

Daniel Sullivan is the founder and leader of a new age cult, The Order of The Ascension Path. Daniel’s manipulative behavior is revealed through former member Miriam Curry’s journal entries. Serena Falcon, a young clairvoyant, becomes a disciple of Daniel’s and a critical member of his emerging cult. Along with others who have formed close relationships with Daniel, Walk Toward The Light: Surviving a New Age Cult tells their stories. While questioning her own group membership she witnesses the abuse inflicted on others. Watch as Miriam, Serena and their friends eventually discover their true spiritual paths after exposing Daniel’s hidden agenda. Their most important realization is their own ability to heal from this trauma. Miriam Penman’s novel will appeal to readers who wish to learn more about how a cult is formed and why people become involved in them.


About the Author

Miriam Penman was on a journey to explore the esoteric dimensions of the natural world when she joined a group that answered her questions along the way. Eventually she realized her membership in this spiritual group was unhealthy. She then wrote the story other member’s cult-like experiences, subsequent hurts and final healing. Penman, now a retired teacher and theater director, lived through the events detailed in this book. She desires to share this account with others, not necessarily to prevent them from similar experiences, but as a beacon of light to reveal the reality of healing from similar trauma incurred on this journey of exploration. In narrating this healing process, she makes it clear that compassion and forgiveness for one’s self and others is of utmost importance.


(2020, Paperback, 438 Pages)


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