Walking Down the Sidewalk Path

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Walking Down the Sidewalk Path
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Walking Down the Sidewalk Path
by Barbara J. Green

This book is about how Brenda and Mark meet each other. Brenda goes for a walk and stands at the corner of Summer Street and Spring Street. She sees a good-looking guy in a business suit carrying a suitcase. Brenda and Mark start dating, get married, and go on their honeymoon. Mark moves in to help Brenda. Mark takes Brenda out to a restaurant and takes Brenda for a ride in his sport car. Mark takes Brenda home, takes her to his house, and takes her to a hotel.

About the Author

I grew up in New Haven, Ct. I have been writing books since I was six-years-old. I write books, I make jewelry, and I draw. I always wanted to have a business and a career. So I started to write a book using my imagination. I always wanted to write romance and fantasy. I went back to writing a book in 2008.

(2012, paperback, 30 pages)