Walking Through the Beast

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Walking Through the Beast

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Walking Through the Beast
Brenda J. Gray

Violence in the home is one of the best-kept secrets that until the evidence of abuse surfaces with black eyes, broken bones, and police intervention will it be revealed. What gives us the strength to survive from day to day is instilled in us from childhood.

Searching for acknowledgments from those we love keep us determined. Acknowledging abuse becomes one of the toughest truths we must conquer. I did and so can you. Find out how to get away with your lifeor at least survive from day to day until you are ready to go.

About the Author

Born and raised in the country, I was blessed with an imagination that kept me excited and curious about nature, animals, and a self-analysis of my own life. Growing up and attending school, I found a love for art, creative writing, and making friends. Writing stories about real happenings became a way for me to organize and store my life with the emotional memories that went from mind to paper, descriptively exploding into a way to express myself about happiness, pain, depression, sadness, and often fear. From student to teacher, I pass on the experience to those still learning.

(2010, paperback, 316 pages)