Water Balloons

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Water Balloons
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Water Balloons
by Patricia Strong

Richard is a little boy who likes to throw water balloons at people. He taunts everyone in his family with a water balloon and his family lets him know that, one day, they will get him back. When Richard blows out the candles at his birthday party, his family and friends throw water balloons at him to get him back for everything he has done to them.

Water Balloons is an excitingly funny story that every parent will enjoy reading to their children.

About the Author:

Author Patricia Strong has a lifelong love of writing stories for children. She is a proud mother of identical twin daughters and a proud grandmother of Elijah and Amiyah. They inspired her to write Water Balloons.

Water Balloons is a multicultural book for children and it teaches children a lesson about throwing water balloons at people.

Author Patricia Strong focuses on diversity in the stories she writes; which she enhances with multicultural families, friends, hairstyles, clothes, and ethnic backgrounds. What makes her stories so unique is there is a lesson to learn in all of them.

(2016, Hardcover, 30 pages)