We Are in This Together!: Volume I

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We Are in This Together!: Volume I

We Are in This Together!

By: Dr. Donald Salem


About the Book

No one was supposed to know why or how. The scheme was elaborate. It turned out to be a long history of connected mysteries.

                It took decades of research for Dr. Donald Salem to gain clarity. Being a Viet Nam Vet and having lectured and written on terrorism, anti-Semitism, and Middle East conflicts for almost forty years has given him a rare perspective.

To share his discoveries, he bound thousands of facts by using a parable about a wild environmental terror in the USA. Five of the survivors, like most Americans, were furious that the government did not protect them. They launched their quest to discover why.

                In this first book of a trilogy, Salem takes us on a rollercoaster ride of verifiable facts. Who is this mastermind, TerVol? When the high-speed rollercoaster turns upside down, will our exceptionalism hold us in? He examines why our society is so exceptional. Can we hold on to our exceptional freedoms and prosperity or will we face a decline in which our children will suffer most?

How do we identify our real allies? We can identify them by their exceptionalism, quality of life for all citizens and how well they honor human rights.

                This first book brilliantly highlights why clarity must rule over ambiguity. Salem shares facts to help us make our own decisions. He makes it clear that we cannot hold on to our freedoms and prosperity without taking responsibility and caring for each other. He promises that by the last book we should have the clarity and plenty of reasons to act on the 10 steps to “S.O.S.” – Save Our Society.



(2019, Paperback, 272 pages)

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