We Are Our Ancestors

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We Are Our Ancestors

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We Are Our Ancestors
by Richard F. Weaver

The title represents the running theme all through to the end of the book. We Are Our Ancestors is the outcome of my near-death experience combined with an informing knowledge I acquired during my lifetime of studies.

I state in the foreword how the beliefs I had concluded were substantiated in this NDE, along with much more information I had ever thought possible. The book describes the workings of reincarnation, why it has to be this way, and why it is this way. It describes how and why the physical body came into being and how the autopilot of the body has taken control and become the ego that now controls our actions. It discusses how astrology works its subtle ways of influencing the human action and how the time zones between the Earth and the spirit worlds differ and are dimensions of totally different speeds and how our senses deceive us. It also describes how and what to expect when we die and are freed from our physical body, what we should be doing to advance in our quest for enlightenment, and how our memories fade away so we forget all, along with much more you should know.

Your subconscious, your inner guide, has willed you to pick up this book. The rest is now up to you. There are few books on the market that can give you so many answers as this book does. You have found a real treasure that is worth more than jewels, so are you ready?

About the Author

I was born in the town of Cheltenham, England, during the Second World War and am now reaching the grand years of retirement: the mid-sixties. My generation has probably seen the most dramatic changes in these so-called modern times, going from being illumined by oil lamp and candlepower to the age of space exploration, the micro-chip, and through to the digital age of communications. I got married in the swinging sixties and was quickly brought down to earth when our three daughters came along. This made me grow up and take on responsibilities I had not anticipated.

I was educated at one of the local schools and left at the age of fifteen. I have worked in a large store, have been a truck driver, have been an assistant manager of a trade cash&carry, and have been a shop manager and a sales representative before I moved into the Aerospace factory in 1973, where I remained for nineteen years until 1992. It was during this time I was able to do the majority of my studies into the paranormal and ancient beliefs to include religions around the world, subjects in metaphysical phenomena, metaphysics, and the search for the ultimate goal of enlightenment (this has to be ongoing until you die). The last ten years before I retired, I worked in the local hospital on materials management.

(2008, paperback, 156 pages)