Weekend Warriors

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Weekend Warriors
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Weekend Warriors
by Paul L. Cooper

Weekend Warriors chronicles experiences of Naval Air Reservists called unexpectedly into active service. This account highlights the role of Naval Aviation during the initial stages of the Korean War. The author, a reservist at Naval Air Station Oakland CA, was among those ordered to report for active duty. The author recorded many of their experiences in a personal diary.

The book relates how the sudden mobilization altered the personal lives of recalled members of reserve fighter squadron VF-871. The squadron immediately began preparing to serve aboard aircraft carrier USS Princeton (CV 37).

The squadron was a key component of a replacement air group aboard the Princeton composed of Regular and Reserve squadrons. VF-871 pilots soon began flying varied combat missions over targets in Korea. Regrettably, three squadron pilots lost their lives flying missions during the deployment. A total of seven squadron F4U-4 Corsair aircraft were also lost in combat.

About the Author

Born and raised in Berkeley, California, Paul L. Cooper was called to active naval service during the Korean War. He served aboard the aircraft carrier USS Princeton (CV-37). Following release from active service he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of California at Berkeley, majoring in Labor and Industrial Relations.

Cooper and his wife Marie have resided in the city of Pleasant Hill, California since 1962 raising five children. Actively participating part-time in community affairs, he was first elected to the Pleasant Hill City Council in 1978 for a four-year term and later re-elected for four additional terms. He was selected five times to serve as Mayor, the first in the city's history. He also served nearly 15 years on the San Francisco Bay Area Air Quality Management District Board of Directors, including a year as Board Chair. For 10 years he also wrote a freelance newspaper column for the Contra Costa Times (CA) - a MediaNews publication.

(2013, paperback, 204 pages)