Welcome Niqynu

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Welcome Niqynu
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Welcome Niqynu
by Greg J. Delle

The author Greg J. Delle has not yet completed his lifetime study of natural humanity and manipulated governed humanity. He and his childhood giraffe friend (Niqynu) travel back through time to when Delle was one year old, to the present, and to the future.

Delle depicts how our great inventors, writers, and a host of gifted legends became successful. Despite a system of scarce schooling and academics, they still prevailed. Delle compares this with current academic standards and how academics can affect a childs creativity. He asks what good are competition and the disease of believing you have to be number one. The twelve hours a day of study and homework a child has does it teach each and every child to be better than one another? Instead, it would be better to have schools that teach parenting and help people respect and be polite to one another.

Delle and Niqynu study the history of religion and how it has affected and continues to affect modern civilization. Of course, God is energy shared by everyone. Delle and Niqynu studied the laws of the Bible, modern school bureaucracy, and the government system - its laws, rules, regulations, fines, penalties, and restrictions. This arduous squeezing system comes down on parents and poor people, to force their children to fit the modern moral mold.

Delle and Niqynu question the behavior of adolescents and adults. The rule of sexual societal behavior needs to be set free.

Delle and Niqynu never stop asking questions because it is their destiny to help prevent child abuse. Just look at all of the mental and physically abused children. His questions are still unanswered. Come and join them on their quest.

(2015, Paperback, 222 pages)