Welcome to Our Family - eBook

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Welcome to Our Family - eBook

Welcome to Our Family  

By: Manuela DelaCruz

About the Book

Gus and Fin are two lucky dogs who have become brothers in an adoptive home. Their peace is interrupted when a little brown animal appears in their backyard, taunting and teasing them. Gus and Fin think he is a threat and want to protect their human mother’s garden.

There’s more to the little brown animal than Gus and Fin think! After their mom shouts at them for their antics, they learn what a squirrel is and begin to investigate. The pair soon learns that squirrels need family, too.

About the Author

Manuela DelaCruz is a budding children’s book writer. She has worked in a law firm for many years. Her love of all animals—especially dogs—inspired her to pen Welcome to Our Family. The author lives with her husband of twenty-six years in Santa Clarita Valley, California. They have two small breed dogs.


(2017, eBook)