Well Enough to Die

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Well Enough to Die

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Well Enough to Die
by Norman F. Trigg

This book is about ordinary things. It deals with many lifetime experiences I have gone through. There came Waco and the Branch Davidians (and, of course, David Koreschcant leave him out!). Then came the Peoples Temple in Guyana, South America (and we cannot leave out Martha Stewart!). Political upheaval here in America also motivated us to found the Council on American Affairs; my brother, Reedy is president and I am executive vice president.

Then I had a brilliant idea: Why not write about my near-death experiencesthe ones that, upon looking back, I realize should have killed me?

Reflectively, if I had thought about these things happening to me at the time, I would already be dead from fright!

About the Author

I have been thinking about writing a book for quite a long time. (Just thinking!) The one book I started was about the goddess Venus, on the planet Venus. Somehow I was sidetracked from a long love affair with Cynthia. (I think!) She kept me busy with everything but writing. Consequently, I put the book-writing venture down. (I havent returned to the Venus endeavor to this day!) I guess Venus went back up to the other starry constellations to rejoin her husband, Vulcan. (As usual!!!)

(2010, paperback, 82 pages)