West of the Divide

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West of the Divide

West of the Divide

By: Paula Overton


About the Book/Author

Paula Overton was born and raised in the South. She and her husband have traveled extensively all over the world and the United States. She loved the Northwest United States, including the area West of the Divide. The ruggedness of the area remains the same through the years. When she first saw the area around the Salmon River, even now with the modern highways and cities, it remains a wonderful rugged land. She thought back about the pioneers who came West to tame this wild land. This impeccable spot of the country inspired Overton to write about the settlers’ experiences. And to try and bring to life what it must have been like to settle this terrain.

Anyone with an interest in the history of the United States and its development, especially the area West of the Divide, will thoroughly enjoy Paula Overton’s work.


(2021, Paperback, 202 Pages)


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