What Are the Odds

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What Are the Odds

What Are the Odds

By: J. Le


About the Book

What is the difference between luck and fate? Is there really a connection between love and chance? And how do you determine the difference between some cosmic predetermination and just complete and utter randomness. For Jacob Diehl, figuring it out couldn’t have been further from what it all is—a gamble. Follow Jacob in his coming-of-age story as he discovers everything about life, love, and friendship in both slow motion and fast forward. Learn with him as he discovers that luck never actually gives, only lends.


About the Author

J. Le is a fervent fan of gambling and an even bigger fan of romance, often comparing then tying the two together, because, let’s face it; what’s love but a gamble? Born in Houston from Vietnamese immigrant parents, he has lived in several cities before settling right back down in the city he loves, Houston.


(2020, Paperback, 202 Pages)


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