What Business Leaders Should Know But They Don’t

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What Business Leaders Should Know But They Don’t

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What Business Leaders Should Know But They Dont
by Festo Michael Kambarangwe

When I started working as a sales supervisor with Pepsi in 1993 after my high school and military national service I managed about four salesmen in my territory. New and fresh, shy, humble, honest and inexperienced. Through university, training and seminars, I gathered some important skills that cant be taught in classrooms alone. I served in different organizations such as a Smith Kline Beecham , TBL a SAB/Miller Subsidiary as sales development officer and acting sales manager before I became a brand manager with Carlsberg beer and later with Celtel a mobile telecoms organization in different management positions. I served briefly as marketing manager with a bank. I also did training in various companies for internal staff and externals like distributors and even attached MBA students. I have as well represented different organizations I worked with in various corporate high ranking meetings. Then I joined as partner in a business. This path the path less traveled offered me an eye that not only a fresh graduate, an MBA Manager needs but also the CEO or MD who may oftentimes sadly fail to see under the surface. It is what is in between, what a trainer like Philip K would only see if he served today on the ground as a business manager and business owner - a need to stay ahead, to keep not only meeting but also exceeding consumers expectations and competitors standards. A result of learning by doing, by observing closely with diverse workforce and management, working and managing different forms of organizations and a result of managing and leading at school, family and at work; and all this experience teaches why some companies and same industry make profit while others remained stagnant; why some even pass on to bankruptcy. It is this experience that teaches what is wrong within organizations why they dont achieve their true potential for the business owners, management, staff, customers and the general human community. It is this lesson that tells that either companies, management or us lack professionalism, will and creativity such that we remain old rigid styles that doom the business growth potential and therefore less if any contribution to human development which is the central part of any business or productive activity. Why? Strategic positions have changed but organizations have remained fixed in their boxes. Indeed Todays companies are indeed under led and over managed. And this is what business leaders should know but sadly they dont!

(2009, paperback, 222 pages)