What Do You Think, Papa?

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What Do You Think, Papa?

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What Do You Think, Papa?
by Sid Horton

What Do You Think, Papa? explains the thoughts on life by a grandfather to his grandchildren in their late teens. The questions raised, and the answers given, touch on the most important life questions that are normally not discussed in-depth by a family. This book encourages openness, and challenges established mores, of life. The book also quotes answers to the same questions by great men throughout the centuries. A great book to read at a time when ones life decisions are first being contemplated. This is a book other grandparents should want to write themselves, in order to pass along, to those who would care to know, their feelings.

About the Author

Sid Horton was born in Boston, Massachusetts on March 12,1937, and grew up on Cape Cod. He briefly attended both Boston University and Rhode Island School of Design. Married twice, he is the father of three children and has six grandchildren. He started out as an insurance man, worked as a computer programmer and systems analyst, and spent most of his career in banking, where he ended his career as a Senior Vice President of a major financial institution. What Do You Think, Papa? is his first published work. He lives with his wife, Holly, in Bryantville, Massachusetts.

(2009, paperback, 334 pages)