What Happened To My Husband

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What Happened To My Husband

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What Happened To My Husband
by Tim Johnson

This book was written to help someone overcome the slavery mentality. What do I mean? Yes, we know actual slavery has long ago ended, but the mindset of slavery still exists. The story is being told by a lady who is recanting what life was like in the days of slavery. Through her mother and through research, she found out a lot about her family and the things they endured during slavery. But as she was writing and thinking about the things that happened to her grandmother after slavery, she realized slavery still existsslavery of the mind. Her husband was a drug addict, and she almost let this situation hold her in a place of entrapment.

Remembering the words of her great-great-grandmother, Never let anything or anybody enslave you, she was able to move on in life.

About the Author

I was born in a small town called Lenox, GA. I now live in Warner Robins, GA. I think what inspires me to write is the fact that I love to write. The fact that I am a pastor might have a little to do with it also. I have this great mind of imagination, and it amazes me when I sit down and put my thoughts on paper.

(2011, paperback, 32 pages)