What's In Season: Year-Round Bible Stories for Children

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What's In Season: Year-Round Bible Stories for Children
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What's In Season: Year-Round Bible Stories for Children
by Dr. Charli Anderson

The Bible is pertinent to every era, and Whats In Season is your resource for connecting the everyday life experiences of children to the Bible!

Written from the heart of a former daycare director, Dr. Charli Anderson drafted stories to coincide with a year-round calendar of curriculum. Teachers and parents can open Whats In Season to discover Bible stories likely related to events occurring in a childs life in the United States.

Each story closes with discussion questions or further explanation. There is a story for each weekday of every month, and all sixty-six books of the Holy Bible are represented. Scripture references at the beginning of each story provide adult personal Bible reading.

Mui Caliente! designates stories covering a contemporary hot topic. Stories reflect the authors views and interpretations to date, and it is recommended that adults read each story prior to sharing with children.

About the Author

Having read the Bible several times in different versions, Dr. Charli Anderson also drew upon her Masters in Religious Education and various biblical reference texts for content. Charli has worked in preschool and elementary school programs for over twenty years.

She lives in Kyle, Texas, with her family and Scottish Terrier, Frances. An avid jogger, Charli enjoys cross-stitch, Vogue magazine, and old friends.

(2012, hardcover, 170 pages)